ON THE COVER: Melvy Reyes – A life taking shape

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cover model pic4-3-14-13Here’s a question for all you parents out there: Which characteristics would you most want in your children; honesty, integrity, compassion, intelligence, all the above?

Laguna Vista’s Melvy Reyes has deep-rooted internal strength and confidence to spare that are also the cornerstones of her character.

As the once shy 20-year-old explains, that confidence and strength was forged by watching her mother raise her and her siblings after the passing of her father when Melvy was very young.

As Melvy explains, with few complaints or excuses, her mother carried on, many times working long hours in the area’s hotel industry, all the while playing the role of both mother and father to her young family. As a result, Melvy believes that any challenges she faces today or in the future pale in comparison.

“I think it was a little hard because my mother had to work a lot and she couldn’t be with us much of the time. Now that we’ve grown up, it’s a lot easier,” Reyes said.

cover model pic6-3-14-13Only a few years out of high school, this Tarpon alum plans to begin college soon with aspirations of becoming a nurse. Always humble, and despite being an A-B Honor Roll student in high school, Reyes says she’s still nervous about her chosen coursework.

In the meantime, this young lady, who lives independently, is busy doing modeling and promotional work. Most recently, she was hired as the much talked about “Sushi Girl” during Hip Hop artist’s Lil’ Flip’s Island appearance two weeks ago.

For that occasion, Reyes played the role of a human serving tray, covered only in body paint layered with sushi – talk about confidence.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ve always had confidence with my body. I work out and I believe in eating healthy. I take care of myself so I feel comfortable with it,” Reyes said.

“They (the promoters) said it’s real big in other parts such as Austin and Houston and they wanted to bring something different to the area, something that nobody has seen down here,” Reyes explained. “It wasn’t so hard. Everything was covered, nobody touched me and I just had to lay there.”

cover model pic7-3-14-13It’s little wonder that Melvy is the role model to her younger siblings and friends, “I teach them a lot because I work out, try to live right and do photo shoots and things of that nature and they like that,” Reyes said. “I’m also going to start college, and I’m the first person in my family to do that.”

Honesty, integrity, compassion, intelligence – Melvy Reyes apparently has it all, and then some.

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