Letter to the Editor from Laguna Vista Councilman Richard Hinojosa

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To The Editor,

I wish to clarify an issue that should be important to all the residents of Laguna Vista. I am referring to the marina that the Laguna Vista taxpayers own.

A few weeks ago, a story appeared in the Port Isabel PRESS about the marina. From the comments I heard from citizens, one would think that something ominous is about to happen to the marina. This is far from the truth.

I am a former board member of the LVRA. This is the non-profit organization operating the Town-owned marina, across the street from Roloff Park. I was one of the board members, along with two or three other Board members, that secured a loan years ago to make improvements to the marina. I am familiar with the LVRA, and now, I serve as the Council Member.

The Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted by every single member of the Town Council last year, includes a section on the marina. It says that the Town will take over the marina once the lease with the LVRA expires. It also says that the marina, if the Town takes over, will only be used by local residents and for non-commercial purposes. There is no reference in the Comprehensive Plan to the rumors being spread, or to the whispering campaign, that the current gate will be removed or that this property will be commercialized.

I am not aware of any discussion among any members of the Town Council about commercializing the marina, removing the gates, or prohibiting motorized boats. This is misinformation purposely spread by some people. The only commercial use taking place at the marina, that I am aware is, are the select few that are using it for chartering and commercial guide services. They are making money from property that you – the taxpayers – own.

I placed an item on the March meeting to authorize the City Manager to secure an appraisal of the Town-owned marina. I felt this was needed in the event the Town Council took action to extend or renew the lease with the LVRA. In business, an appraisal is required before any property is transferred or leased. At the meeting, I requested that this item be tabled. One rumor I heard was that this item was placed on the agenda because the Town was interested in converting this Town-owned property to a restaurant. This is a complete falsehood.

My official position as a Council Member is to continue to operate the marina with the gate closed (as it currently is), for member use only, and to ensure that the operation of the marina owned by the taxpayers is in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan. This Comprehensive Plan is on the Town website. Read it for yourselves.

Please do not listen to the misinformation being spread. Learn the facts for yourselves. No one has approached me, or any of the other Town Council members that I am aware of, about selling the marina to a business or about removing the gate of the marina and opening it up to the public. These are complete falsehoods.


Richard Hinojosa

Laguna Vista

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