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Laguna Madre election results

By DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press editor@portisabelsouthpadre.com Listed below are the unofficial results for the City of Port Isabel, Town of Laguna Vista, and Point Isabel Independent School District elections. Canvassing of votes will occur later this week. Incumbent candidates are indicated with “(I).” Race winner tally numbers are shown in green. To jump to …

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LV candidates address local issues

By MARTHA McCLAIN Special to the PRESS Five candidates are vying to serve as Town of Laguna Vista leaders in Saturday’s municipal election. Early voting by personal appearance ran from April 27 through May 5. A total of 379 votes and 1 provisional vote were cast in that period, according to early voting clerk and City Secretary Alma Deckard. By comparison, in 2014 there were 429 …

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Letter to the Editor from Laguna Vista Councilman Richard Hinojosa

Special to the PRESS To The Editor, I wish to clarify an issue that should be important to all the residents of Laguna Vista. I am referring to the marina that the Laguna Vista taxpayers own. A few weeks ago, a story appeared in the Port Isabel PRESS about the marina. From the comments I heard from citizens, one would think that something …

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Three file for Council run

By MARTHA McCLAIN Special to the PRESS February 19, 2015 Two incumbents and a citizen have filed for positions on the Laguna Vista Town Council as of Wednesday, according to City Secretary Alma Deckard. An election that will determine who will fill three coming vacancies on the board is scheduled May 9. Open seats include Place …

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Council to fill three seats in election

By MARTHA McCLAIN Special to the PRESS February 5, 2015 Laguna Vista’s Town Council Tuesday adopted an election order to fill three positions on its municipal governing board. Scheduled on the May 9 ballot will be Place 4, currently held by Leti Keplinger; Place 5, held by Gary Meschi and Place 6, held by Richard Hinojosa. Candidates for election may …

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