Open Carry takes effect Jan. 1

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In just about one week, the firearms laws in Texas will be undergoing a significant change. Starting Jan. 1, 2016 licensed gun owners will be able to carry a weapon openly as long as it’s in a holster under their arm or on their hip.

Since the announcement, the Cameron County District Attorney’s office has hosted question and answer sessions across the County to help people better understand what the new law will mean for them. At their latest meeting last Thursday morning, representatives from the DA’s office explained that — as with every new law —  the coming changes could spark some concerns.

“The great majority of people that have a license to carry are good, hardworking taxpayers that know how to use a weapon; I’m not concerned about those people,” said District Attorney Luis Saenz. “What I’m concerned about is that one individual who is not law-abiding and simply does not care about what a gun represents. I share that concern with everybody.”

According to the new law, any individual who already possess a concealed handgun license will not have to take any additional classes or courses to open carry their weapon. And while the weapon will have to be in a holster, the new law does not specify what a holster actually is. Making that distinction will remain up to each jurisdiction to decide.

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