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Cities, of all sizes, are coming together to work together. A meeting was held this past Thursday to discuss the special session. It was a very productive one. Cities from larger and smaller cities were in attendance. We are all concerned with what is taking place in Austin. We all recognize the need to work together. It was the consensus at this meeting to continue to meet not only for this special session but from hereon to work together and prepare for the regular legislative session that is less than 2 years away.

The cities, like others throughout the state, are particularly concerned with the following bills and others presently being discussed in the special session:

  1. Revenue caps: Senate Bill 1, and House Bill 4
  2. Spending caps: Senate Bill 18, and House Bill 216
  3. Annexation: Senate Bill 6, and House Bill 6

A follow up meeting was scheduled for Thursday, August 3 at 6 p.m. at the Ken Jones Meeting Room of the LRGVDC Office, located at 301 W. Railroad Street, in Weslaco.

Ms. Shanna Igo, Texas Municipal League (TML) Deputy Executive Director for Legislative Services, will be our guest speaker. She is TML’s “Chief Lobbyist”. She coordinates the League’s legislative program and develops strategy for passing or opposing legislation. She will be updating local city officials on the special session and what, we as cities, can do at this point as well as sharing with us what we can expect at the upcoming regular legislative session.

President John F. Kennedy said it so eloquently: “A rising tide lifts all boats.” What benefits one city, benefits all of us. That’s why it’s so important that all Valley cities come together, regardless of city size, and start to meet to discuss how we can work together and prepare ourselves. Having Ms. Igo here will be help us tremendously towards that end.

Working together we are discovering how much, indeed, we have in common and how imperative that we meet regularly.

In the meantime, we will be working on a letter to send to the Governor and hopefully get the Mayors from the Valley to sign it in which we are requesting a meeting with him to discuss how these bills and others will adversely impact cities.

Rolando Vela
City Manager
Town of Laguna Vista

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