County holds hearing over Island topless bar proposal

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

South Padre Island attorney Larry Polksy was in Brownsville Tuesday to discuss his application to construct a topless bar on land he owns on South Padre Island.

Polsky, along with South Padre Island Mayor Barry Patel, Mayor Pro-tem Dennis Stahl and several others arrived at the Dancy Building for a 1:30 p.m. public hearing by the Cameron County Commissioners’ Court. Also expected to be in attendance was Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio. As the appointed hour came and went with no sign of the sheriff, Polsky urged the Court to proceed forward with the hearing.

“He (Lucio) was told to appear at 1:30 today and he’s obviously ignoring that,” Polsky said with a note of frustration in his voice. “I want the record to show that.”

County officials soon received a message that Lucio was on his way and the hearing thus began. “This is not an evidentiary hearing, it’s not an adversarial hearing. It’s a public hearing to address the application, either for or against your application,” said County Judge Eddie Trevino, Jr.

But from the outset, Polsky appeared to be treating the hearing as if he was litigating a proceeding in a court of law. “I requested subpoenas for people that I wanted to testify at this hearing,” Polsky said. Among those he wanted to testify were Patel, Cameron County Parks Director Joe E. Vega and “toll booth operator” who works at County Beach Access No. 6, he said.

“I’m being denied my due process rights and equal protection rights by not having these witnesses appear,” Polsky said.

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