Laguna Heights annexation approved

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

With the City Commission’s approval Tuesday evening, the City of Port Isabel moved one step closer to annexing a portion of Laguna Heights.

“This is the final reading for the annexation of Laguna Heights,” City Manager Jared Hockema explained to the Commission prior to their vote.

“The next couple of days, we go and file it with the County Clerk. When we file it with the County Clerk, it becomes effective,” he said.

After the Commission voted unanimously to approve the annexation, Chaplain George Paterson asked that the City hold at least one city meeting in the newly annexed area, suggesting the use of a church located within the region. Paterson said he had had already enlisted the help of Laguna Heights residents in spreading the word about the annexation. City officials indicated they were amenable to the idea.

In other news, the Commission also voted to update its flood plain ordinance in accordance with new FEMA flood regulations. “They have adopted new regulations, so we have to update our ordinance,” Hockema said.

The city manager said the changes to the map elevations, which dictate where new structures can be built, were “not as severe” as he thought they would be, but suggested it would be prudent for the City to update its ordinance so that the minimum elevation would be above those outlined in FEMA’s regulations.

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