Youth Center board discusses finances

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The Laguna Madre Youth Center (LMYC) Board of Directors discussed the Center’s finances, activity programs and elected a new board member during a public meeting Wednesday evening.

The LMYC, which is still in the process of reorganizing its policies and procedures a year after leaving its affiliation with the Boys & Girls Club of America, continued discussions regarding the Center’s finances.

Things began with a motion to add Executive Director Margie Jacobs as an alternate signatory agent for the Center’s bank account. Treasurer Frank Davalos raised Jacobs’ employment with the City of Port Isabel as a possible point of concern.

“You work for the City of Port Isabel and, for me, I feel like somebody who works for the Youth Center, that we pay, also be on there (as a signatory),” Davalos said.

Shortly after the LMYC broke away from the Boys & Girls Club of America, it partnered with the City to obtain certain services, including administrative tasks and bookkeeping. The Port Isabel Public Library has also partnered with the LMYC to offer library and educational services to the facility’s members.

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