Hurricane season begins Friday

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

Hurricane season officially begins this Friday, June 1 and local officials are urging residents to be prepared.

Last season spawned three catastrophic storms which wrought damage of historic proportions: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Officials say seeing the devastating effect of those storms was a sober reminder of the importance of preparation.

“I just think it’s a reminder that we have to prepared and that if we were to be struck by a storm like that, no matter the preparations we make, it would have a devastating impact on our community,” Port Isabel City Manager Jared Hockema said in an interview Tuesday.

“If the word goes out from the mayor that we need to evacuate, people need to heed that call,” he said.

At the National Weather Service in Brownsville, meteorologists also stressed the importance of preparation and heeding public service announcements. “There’s been numerous lessons that everyone has taken away” after Hurricane Harvey, said Meteorologist Tim Speece Tuesday. “It was a near miss. And it was very frightening to see it heading up there (to Houston),” Speece said.

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