Committee prioritizes additional projects

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

The Port Isabel Capital Projects Committee met again this week to continue discussions regarding the prioritization of several proposed capital improvement projects. The committee identified an additional six projects Tuesday, including several more street improvements, storm drain improvements, and improvements at City parks.

First up for discussion was the repair of several collapsed storm drains throughout the city. For former Mayor Baldemar “Balde” Alaniz, repairing the drains is a top priority because poor drainage can cause other problems, such as damage to streets and localized flooding.

“It’s eating the base of the other street and sooner or later you’re going to have a sinkhole there,” Alaniz said of a collapsed drain near the Dairy Queen. During his tenure as public works director, city crews attempted to repair the drain, excavating what they could, Alaniz said.

Several other problem drains are silted in, as well, or their pipes have collapsed, Alaniz said.

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