Laguna Vista to seek CAMS to monitor LNG


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Laguna Vista City officials will formally request installation of a monitoring system to measure air and water pollutants locally prior to the onset of LNG’s production or manufacturing at their plant sites.

LNG is one of several companies petitioning to open liquefied natural gas production facilities at the Port of Brownsville.

Town Council members Tuesday voted to submit a request to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the CAMS.

“Some people are wondering about the scientific or environmental impact from LNG, Councilman Rolando Gonzalez said. “They (LNG) want to gain the trust of the citizens, so we should have an independent system so we can know the truth. If the LNG folks say it (air quality) is clean, and that there is no (negative) impact, then this (CAMS) will benefit them,” he said.

Councilman Victor Worrell agreed, saying,” It would be nice to know…to monitor what’s going on in this community.”

City Manager Rolando Vela suggested a CAMS would be beneficial. “We get the prevailing winds here. It’s reasonable for our citizens/ benefit,” he said.

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