Varsity Hoops Player Pinkerton Eager to Get Started

By Larry Gage

Special to the PRESS

Cole Pinkerton. Photo by Larry Gage.

Cole Pinkerton is ready to go.  The third-year Varsity hoops player has been hard at work on his game ever since the end of last year’s basketball season and he is ready to hit the hard court running when practice begins this week.  The Press found Pinkerton in Tarpon Gym Tuesday and he took time out from a pick-up game to share his thoughts with the Press. 

“We’ve been playing in a lot of tournaments and practicing outside of school, which really helps,” Pinkerton said this week.  “We’ve never really stopped playing. Everyone’s just ready to get to work, get rolling.” 

The first official practice took place this Wednesday. 

The players get together for these pick-up games during athletic period in the gym.  It’s all very casual – there are no officials and no one bothers to call fouls on themselves or other players.  It’s a chance to work on their shots and just have fun playing the game.  

“We’re just friends playing against each other.”

Pinkerton is starting his junior year of high school and has played Varsity ball since his freshman year.  He talked about how he has changed and grown as a player.  

“I’ve gotten a little bigger.  Defensively I’ve gotten better.  I’ve grown as a player and I’m able to see the court better.”

“I want to give them (teammates) the ball as much as possible – I want to play team ball.  And as a junior I think I’ve taken more of a leadership role.” 

Last week third-year Tarpon head coach Mike Hazelton spoke of the need for the team to play more of a physical game this year.  Pinkerton concurred in that assessment. 

“That’s one of the main goals – to get bigger, stronger, faster.  And we’ve added some height to the team. We’ve gained weight and I think we’ve become quicker.”

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