BREAKING: Judge Treviño suspends all county-sponsored events amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Gaige Davila

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño has suspended all Cameron County-sponsored functions or events for the next 14 days. The order specifically addresses events with anticipated attendances of 250 or more.

Treviño is also requesting events on South Padre Island be canceled or suspended within 14 days. Events on South Padre Island, such as concerts at Clayton’s Beach Bar, Louie’s Backyard or Rockstar Beach (Isla Grand Resort), are not sponsored by the county.

“I strongly recommend that all similar events, public or private, on South Padre Island or throughout the County, should also be canceled and/or suspended for the same time period,” Treviño said in a March 14 media release. “At this time and based upon the best and most up-to-date information, I strongly recommend and request that our local business leaders exercise their best judgment with respect to their individual venues and events.”

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