Nav. District closer to repairing Port Road

By Gaige Davila 

A section of Port Road across from the PI-ISD administration building. Photo by Gaige Davila.

Port Road is close to receiving a full repaving.

The Port Isabel-San Benito Navigation District (PISBND) will head a repair project on Port Road in Port Isabel, applying for a U.S. Economic Development Administration grant. The City of Port Isabel passed a resolution approving the grant application during a Jan. 12 meeting. 

PISBND is seeking to repave all of Port Road, from the Port’s entrance to Highway 100.  The PISBND will contract for the work, according to PISBND Port Director and General Manager Steve Bearden. The City of Port Isabel had input in the project, City Manager Jared Hockema told the PRESS, but it will be led by the PISBND. 

The project will cost around $3 million, Bearden told the PRESS. PISBND is seeking an 80% of the project cost from the EDA. The PISBND would pay the rest. 

In August 1987, the PISBND, through a grant from the EDA, widened and paved Port Road’s concrete two-lane road, converting it to a four-lane road. 

“It is now time to resurface the roadway again, if the PISBND can obtain a grant to assist with the cost of the resurfacing of the roadway,” Chairman of the PISBND Board of Directors Victor Barrera said in a statement. 

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