SpaceX Launches Delayed by Environmental Assessment


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On Saturday, February 12, residents of South Padre Island and Port Isabel were roused from their daily activities by the sound of overhead jets clearing airspace around the region. Typically, this interruption is the early notification to all of a test launch at the nearby SpaceX facility in Boca Chica; Starbase Texas as Elon Musk calls it. As the day passed on no test launch occurred, something that has become more common as of late.

According to Yahoo News, the recent lack of test launches stems from an environmental assessment the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, has been conducting of the region to measure the impact multiple rocket launches and test firings, including many explosions, have had on Boca Chica. The assessment originally had a deadline of December 31 which moved to the end of February and now out to the end of March. The agency themselves cite continued consultation and coordination with other agencies before releasing the final draft of the assessment.

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