Hundreds Attend Grand Opening of the South Texas Ecotourism Center

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A statement released to the PRESS February 18, 2022, read: “In 2019, Congressman Vela announced that the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) awarded $700,000.00 to the City of Laguna Vista to support the development of the South Texas Ecotourism Center. This project will provide residents and visitors the opportunity to learn about South Texas’ unique environment and the value of preserving its native landscape”
Five and a half years later, several hundred people, as well as Congressman Filemon Vela attended the fruition of County Commissioner David A. Garza’s dream of creating a Cameron County tourist stop for all ages and walks of life. The $11.1 million project has taken many years and much planning to complete. The funding for the Eco Center has come from many local, county, state and federal grants as well as the hotel industry. From the initial donation of 10,000 acres by the town of Laguna Vista to February 22’s festivities, the elected and appointed officials have worked without compromise to see this vision come true.

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    • Tess Collins on February 28, 2022 at 1:12 pm
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    Hello, I’m a native of Dallas and have purchased a property Port Isabel and come here a few times each year to enjoy time on the beach and warmer weather. I’m excited to hear of the eco-tourism center and want to bring a concern I see here in the community and hopefully, with a little effort, you can help research and notify the public of the chemtrails I now see over the beautiful blue skies here. I travel a lot and have seen these chemtrails from Washington DC, especially prevelant in Colorado and Abilene Texas. Much to my shagrin, I could hardly believe it is here too. I believe we need to investigate what is being spewed into the clean air and do some water and soil testing to see if these chemicals are present and to what degree. If you need more detail about this trend, I was made aware (in Sept. of this last year) that this is being reported on Please note, these are not the contrails that jets and other aircraft leave behind when the right conditions exist; instead these are chemicals which once dispersed, are different from contrails in that these chemicals dissipate and form clouds. You can observe this with the naked eye when it is a blue sky and clear weather. This can not be good for the environment, including farming, agriculture, and all the wildlife in birds, fish, turtles, etc. But what is even more alarming is many humans who are exposed to these in concentrations are experiencing un-diagnosed neurological disease. Please help uncover this practice and expose whomever is behind it.

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