Bodies of 49 men exhumed at Isabella

Editor’s note: Moments in Time is a collection of published briefs that highlight the history of the Rio Grande Valley. Hathcock is a local historian.

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Bodies of 49 men
exhumed at Isabella
The work of exhuming the bones of soldiers buried here during the Mexican war, in 1846, is progressing.

Forty-nine corpses have been taken up already.

A silver watch, quite a number of buttons, a bullet and a briar-root pipe, the latter in the state of perfect preservation and a gold pen which is untarnished and is good as new, have been found. In one grave, a rosary was found, having 12 or 14 beads.

Eddie Edwards, who has the contractor for exhuming these bones, prizes these relics highly.

It is supposed that these bones are those of general Taylor’s men who died here of cholera. Some skeletons are intact, but in many of them the small bones are nearly all gone to ashes. (Brownsville Daily Herald May 3, 1909)

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