Kite surfer saves drowning pregnant woman


A local kite surfer of 18 years was able to save a life recently, in a case of right place, right time.

Sunday, May 1, local kite surfer Tony Bolstad was cruising the huge surf at Isla Blanca Park with his wife, Carol Bolstad. He was located between the first pavilion and the jetty, in the open water.

The wind was blowing about 25 mph. He had been riding the waves in and out of Duck Beach for an hour. He was tacking up wind, nearing the beach, preparing to make his turnaround, when he noticed a group of people in the water frantically waving their arms up and down.

“I thought, ‘Well maybe they are just telling me ‘Be careful, there’s people here,’’” Bolstad recalled. He estimates he was still 20 yards away from the group.

They were pointing, and when he looked in the direction in which they were gesturing, he saw a lady, with bright pink hair, bobbing up and down in the surf, being repeatedly toppled with waves three to six feet high every two to three seconds, as she fought to regain her footing. Distressed, she reached her hand out of the water, needing help.

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