Plumb puts his hands over Honduras


Tom Plumb, a member of the Port Isabel Rotary Club, and former president of the club from 2010-2011, was born in Washington D.C and raised as a Quaker in Chevy Chase Maryland. He describes his mother as “a professional volunteer”.

According to Plumb, growing up he witnessed his mother volunteer at a number of organizations, and that prominent influence of charity work promoted a desire to follow in his mother’s footsteps, which eventually led to Plumb being president of Hands to Honduras, Inc., a non-profit providing hands on aid to the people of Honduras through the means of different community oriented projects.

Plumb began volunteering in middle school by maintaining and decluttering local parks. Later on, he ran a summer camp for children from low income families and was a “Big Brother” to half a dozen kids throughout his time in college.

Afterwards he ran an anti-poverty program where he organized and depended on church volunteers from around the country to build affordable housing and rehab centers.

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