Pavement heats, paws burn


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The City of South Padre Island wants visitors and locals to keep their pet’s safety in mind while enjoying the Island this summer.
“Friends of Animal Rescue is the Voice of the Animals here on South Padre Island,” said Sherry Pindard, director of Operations and Outreach for Friends of Animal Rescue (FOAR). “The Island is pet friendly,
welcoming both you and your furry friends. Animal safety is our main concern during the summer season; please consider the needs of your pets as well as your own.”
FOAR recommends these tips and precautions to keep pets safe:
• Keep pets on a leash while out exploring South Padre Island.
• Drinking saltwater can dehydrate a pet. Make sure to keep fresh water on hand.
• Keep a pet cool by providing plenty of shade and hydration to prevent heat stroke.
• The sand and pavement can get too hot for pet paws. Avoid taking pets out during peak sun times-

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