Nuisance alligator rescued from SPI Golf Course



South Padre Island Birding Nature Center & Alligator Sanctuary staff responded to a nuisance alligator complaint from the South Padre Island Golf Club in Laguna Vista during the afternoon of Saturday, June 18. This was their sixth complaint response in the coastal Cameron County area since the start of spring!

Residents of the golf course community were concerned by a 7’7” alligator that had taken residence in a pond adjacent to their backyards. They worried for the safety of their families and pets with this alligator so close to home and called Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Wardens who referred the call to trained and licensed nuisance alligator rescuers at the SPIBNC&GS.

Armed with no more than a few yards of lariat rope, an Ugly Stick fishing pole, a 6ft long PVC pipe, some electrical tape, and a love of gators, the rescuers arrived ready. After two long, hot, and humid hours of scanning the pond –

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