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After residing in Austin for three decades where there is a plethora of hotels and cafes, I had a fear that I would not have my daily ritual of java and pastry anymore. I left my two-story home only a month ago to live near South Padre Island. But to my sheer delight, I found a gem- the Lighthouse Boutique Hotel.
This charming hotel sits directly across from the Lighthouse. It looks like something out of a Woody Allen movie in Europe. However, it sits in Port Isabel. Once inside, you feel like you have been transported to a faraway city.
The cafe and hotel are immaculately clean. The smell of a freshly mopped floor and fresh coffee whip you in the face upon arriving. The owners, Gustavo and Ana Martha Montalvo Garza greet you with a big smile. The cafe has a French-inspired feel to it with its checkered black and white chairs and vintage iron table legs. A long wooden counter and stools sit in front of the picturesque window facing the street. The room is airy and light. Giant oil Monet-like paintings done by the owner’s sister Marcela Marien Montalvo adorn the walls. One of the paintings resembles a small boy on the beach with his dog. The paintings are breathtaking.
At the counter, order a hot cup of java and blueberry muffin, banana muffin, or chocolate one. They are addicting. I, being a regular customer, can attest to that. If you want a larger dessert try the key lime pie, carrot cake, or cheesecake. They all are scrumptious. If gelato is more your style, choose from various flavors like Nutella, coconut, or try one of the icy fruit flavors. The cafe will be serving deli lunch items and wine and beer in November, so don’t miss out by being a one-timer.

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