LMHS President: End eviction

 By JOE R. BOWLING, JR. Breaking the silence to the media Tuesday night, the new president of the La­guna Madre Humane Soci­ety made a plea to the City of Port Isabel to negotiate a settlement and end the legal proceedings and the pending eviction. Margaret Ingle attended and spoke at the commission meeting Tuesday night …

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Bringing cities closer

 By JOE R. BOWLING, JR. The City of Trejo, Hon­duras may be many miles away from the Rio Grande Valley, but this week Mayor Jose Antonio Lai­nez Mejia from the city of Trejo made a journey that will bring the two closer. The Port Isabel Rotary Club has been instrumental in a program for 10 …

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Turtles make way to shore

By JOE R. BOWLING, JR. The weather conditions were perfect and nature took it’s course on South Padre Island Saturday morning. As a parade to mark the beginning of the Kemp’s ridley Seas Turtle nesting season was going on, the first turtle made it’s way on shore to lay her eggs. By the end of …

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Laguna Vista committee purchases charter

 By MARTHA McCLAIN Fears of Brownsville’s land-march to Laguna Vista, and the prospect of becom­ing a land-locked community were reasons cited that vot­ers should adopt a proposed Home Rule Charter here on May 14. “Part of the golf course (property) could be in Brownsville’s city limits if Home Rule doesn’t pass,” Committee Chairman Rudy Garcia …

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Bikes take over Island

 By JASON MIHALICK Thousands cruised up and down South Padre Island Boulevard this year for Beach N’ Biker­fest 2011. Once again it was a well-attended event co­ordinated and held by the Magic Valley Motor­cycle Club. Eli Hinojosa and Dave Lozano were the main coordinators of the event, along with hundreds of volunteers out to make …

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Man dies in kite board accident

 By JOE R. BOWLING, JR. On a nearly perfect day to be on the beach a tragedy oc­curred as Thursday afternoon resulted with a death of a man after an accident on South Padre Island. According to Cameron County Constable reports, deputies were dis­patched to the 58010 block of Padre Blvd., in reference to a …

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Power not a problem

BY JOE R. BOWLING, JR. The Port Isabel-South Padre PRESS took the show on the road Thurs­day morning thanks to the power being out in the area. According to Port Isabel Police Chief Gualberto Gonzales, a power line went down on Garcia Street in the early morning hours, taking out power for a large area …

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League opens season in style

 By JASON MIHALICK On a breezy and comfort­able Saturday morning, little leaguers of Port Isabel and their parents lined up for the parade that commemorates the beginning of what looks to be a fun-filled season of baseball and softball. The 24 teams assembled at the Point Isabel I.S.D. Administration building at 8 a.m. sharp lead …

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Altercation leads to arrest

By JOE R. BOWLING JR.   P o r t Isabel po­lice made an arrest Saturday morning after an a l l ege d a t t a c k on a 23- year-old local woman. According to police, a call was received Saturday morn­ing around 8:30 a.m. from the 23-year-old Port woman who reported …

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Past mayor honored by pavilion

 By JASON MIHALICK   Former Port Isabel May­or Quirino Zurita Martinez was honored on Saturday for years of continued hard work and commitment he has given to the City of Port Isabel as a pavilion at Washington Park was dedicated to him. Martinez was in office from 1970-1976 as City Commissioner, 1972-1976 as Mayor Pro-Term …

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