NBA Showcase helps local economy


L.D. Williams, a player from Springfield, Ma., shows his style. (Photo by Stormy Wall)

The NBA Development League Showcase has been having a series of games this week on South Padre Island where scouts are looking for potential players to go to NBA teams all over the country.

But the four-day event, that ends tonight (Thursday), also provided a prime opportunity to showcase the Island and gave the town a shot in the arm during a time when business is slower than usual.

A total of 16 teams and their coaches have been pumping money into local hotels and restaurants.

“This is the first time we bring the league here,” Dan Reed, the Development League president, said. “We have filled a number of hotels. These players and their coaches are helping the local economy because they are spending money.”

He said each team has 10 players plus three members of a coaching staff per team.

“Eleven of these games are scheduled to be shown on national television,” Reed said.

“This is a great opportunity for the local residents to come out and watch some of the best basketball games in the world,” he added.

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