The Most Haunted Places In The RGV: The Isla Grand Beach Resort


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Photo by Joanna “Luna” Sanchez.

Welcome back to The Most Haunted Places In The RGV. I am your host, Luna.

On our last segment, we traveled to Mercedes, Texas, in Hidalgo County, where we investigated a story known as “La Llorona.” For this week, the Paranormal Investigation Team and I traveled to South Padre Island, because local residents claim they encountered paranormal activity. JoeDarkly Vlogs and I will be investigating the Isla Grand Beach Resort, formerly known as The Radisson Resort, where former employees told me that they encountered an entity known as “The Jumper.”

The Radisson Resort was a popular spot for spring breakers to have fun and spend their vacation over thirty years ago, but not until something horrifically haunting happened there. Former housekeeper Alejandra Valdez says she witnessed a horrendous suicide in 1988, when someone jumped from a balcony of
one of the resort’s rooms to their death. Most of the former employees who witnessed the incident stated that they stopped working there because they felt eerie and uncomfortable.

Alejandra Valdez’s daughter, Irma Valdez, says she witnessed the paranormal when she went to pick her mother up after work that night. She claims that she wanted to go investigate for herself, after speaking with former employees who said they saw an apparition weeks after the suicide. Irma says she did encounter “The Jumper” and that she ran out like a bat out of hell. Other former employees, that wish to remain nameless, also have encountered The Jumper. When I went to interview some of the employees that worked there for over twenty years, one stated “In the Quarterdeck, when we close up, we see the girl pass through the back. Also we have seen things move and it scares us!”

I agreed with them to bring out the team so we could investigate this phenomena and catch it on camera. I myself got a first look of what we were about to encounter, and I can say that it was a very eerie feeling. I went up to the 8th floor, where this incident apparently occurred, and I have to say, I have never felt an entity like that before. I decided to look around on the 8th floor and take pics to see if I could capture the entity, but instead got something different. After I was done with my investigation, I was sitting close to the front of the bus back home when I noticed I could smell cigarette smoke on the bus, like if someone had just lit one. I looked around at everyone, and at the bus driver; but no one was smoking on the bus. We had dropped a passenger off and again I got the distinct smell of smoke, like if someone lit another cigarette, and blew smoke in my face; but I saw nothing. I decided when I got home to call up JoeDarkly Vlogs and let the crew know my experience. So what happened to me that day at the Isla Grande Resort? Did this entity known as “The Jumper” feel my energy, and decide to follow me home?

Don’t forget to check out our videos on our YouTube channel @JoeDarkly Vlogs to see if we come in contact with this entity. Have a similar story? Tell us yours by emailing joannasanchez3232@gmail. com.

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