The Parade’s all over the Beach-N-Biker Fest!

Parade cover-4-12-12

Dear Readers,

Wow, do we have a doozy for you guys!

Getting right into it, we have the best Beach-N-Biker Fest coverage in this week’s South Padre Parade, featuring the schedule of events, an article showcasing the festival and – in honor of our biker brethren – a biker-inspired cover. Speaking of the cover, this week’s model has quite the story. It’s a can’t miss… as they all are.

Then we have veteran funny men Paul Rodriguez and Bill Cosby himself (no pun intendend) hitting the stage at local venues this weekend. These legendary comedians and respected entertainers are sure to entertain the masses. We also have everything else you love about the Parade, such as the Beach Bar Beat and a whole lot more!

For the full issue, click here!

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