NATURE NICHE: Laguna Madre’s dolphin tribe

Special to the Parade

Nature Niche pic-5-23-13We are so lucky to have such a wonderful tribe of dolphins that calls the Laguna Madre home. They have been here for so long that they have actually become smaller than the offshore tribes.

They know how to navigate the shallow waters of the bay, heading north beyond Port Mansfield. The elders in the tribe share their knowledge with the young. This little baby pictured in this space is happy, healthy and part of a loving, caring family.

To learn more about our beloved dolphins, visit the Sealife Center in Port Isabel. We are located at the end of the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway adjacent to the historic lighthouse, not to mention being near Pirate’s Landing.

So come see us and learn about the wonderful sealife that lives with our dolphins, too. To meet these wonderful dolphins, join us for daily tours aboard a small, quiet boat with the Dolphinwhisperer, Scarlet Colley. It’s also a perfect opportunity to use the new SLR digital cameras as photo ops are in abundance here.

It’s our nature niche, as always.

Feed a seahorse, hold a starfish, watch the octopus eat, meet Oscar the Grouch, Nemo and many more. And remember, “SOS” (Save our Sealife).

Editor’s Note: Scarlet Colley is the director of the Sea Life and Nature Center located on 110 N. Garcia St. in Port Isabel. Call (956) 299-1957 or visit Scarlet on Facebook at Dolphinwhisper.

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