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Students from Port Isabel High School, Port Isabel Junior High School and hundreds of other secondary special-needs student athletes across the Valley participated in the Special Olympics 2015 Regional Competition this past Friday at Sams Memorial Stadium in Brownsville. The event, hosted annually by the Brownsville Independent School District, took place in front of a crowd of enthusiastic supporters. Following the traditional carrying of the torch during the opening ceremony by Lopez High School student, Ingrid Sosa, with the assistance of the BISD Police Department, events included running, the standing long jump, the softball and tennis ball throw and the mini javelin throw, and wheelchair races. As put by Ron Pierce, Port Isabel Junior High Coach, the competition is about much more than winning and losing.

“We motivate them to get in there and run as fast as they can, throw as hard as they can and be the best they can because that’s what we’re here for,” said Coach Pierce. “And it’s not about winning. It’s about participating and having a great time, you know, and excelling as an athlete and excelling as a person. … This district loves and supports all their kids and want them to do the best that they can,” he said.

Many will now go on to compete at the state level Summer Games, which will be held in Arlington this year. The results for Point Isabel I.S.D. are as follows:

Kristian Cesenes – Gold in the Javelin Throw & Silver medal in the 25 Meter run

Genesis Garcia – Silver in the Javelin Throw & 4th in the 50 Meter dash

Ruben Martinez – Gold in the Javelin Throw & 4th in the 50 Meter run

Maxwell Pons – Gold in the Long Jump & Bronze medal in the 50 Meter run

Jonathan Rucker – Gold in the Javelin Throw & 5th in the 50 Meter run

Felipe Sanchez – Gold in the 50 Meter run & Bronze in the Javelin Throw

Frankie Trejo – Gold in the Standing Long Jump & Bronze in the 50 Meter run

Monica Gonzalez – 1st Mini Javelin 4.5 meters and 1st 50 meter run.

Brianna Garcia – 1st Mini Javelin 4.5 meters and 1st in 25 meter run.

Milagros Garcia – 1st in the 10 meter wheel chair race and 1st softball throw.

David Aguilar – 2nd in the 25 Meter run and 1st softball throw.

Adrian Alvarez – 4th in the 25 Meter race.

Jesus Espinoza – 3rd in the 50 Meter run and 2nd Standing Long Jump.

Johnathan Rodriguez – 1st in the 50 Meter run and 1st Standing Long Jump.

Evan Cantu – 1st in both the 25 Meter walk and Softball Throw

Ramses Espinosa – 1st in both the 50 Meter run and Javelin Throw

Frankie Gonzalez – 1st in the 25 Meter run & 2nd Javelin Throw

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