Tips from PIISD: How to avoid summer ‘brain drain’

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As students file out of the hallways for the last time until August rolls around, parents might be thinking, What are we going to do all summer? Garriga Elementary hosted a parent meeting last week to give parents ideas about just that: how to keep your children entertained and keep them away from the summer “brain drain.”

Patricia S. Rendon, coordinator for Gifted and Talented Education with the Region One Education Service Center, compiled a list of ideas from educational online games and videos, to arts and crafts and even science experiments that can be done in a kitchen. Parents were greeted by tables covered with an assortment of household items including coffee filters, oatmeal, vinegar, measuring cups, Jell-O and more. Children who attended the meeting spent time trying out different crafts like coloring coffee filters with markers and spraying them with water to watch the colors run together and spread like a watercolor painting.

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