Writer’s Block: It’s Almost Time

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Another change of season is upon us. Most of our Winter Texan friends have begun their long journeys back to their northern homes and the ones who remain are getting ready to do the same.

I’d say that the weather is starting to warm up, heralding the arrival of spring, but the truth is, winter never made much of an appearance herself. Nonetheless, the spring equinox and Daylight Savings Time are almost here, as is St. Patrick’s Day. These are all March events that coincide with another, more local, to-do: Spring Break.

Yes, that’s correct, the tourist season is about to get underway and soon our roadways, restaurants, hotels and beaches will be inundated with college coeds looking for a little R&R in our corner of paradise.

I know there are a lot of folks looking forward to Spring Break because it means a boost for our local service and hospitality revenues. And on Wednesday, dozens of business owners, hoteliers, event promoters and local residents showed up to South Padre Island City Hall to talk about just that. They came to share their thoughts and concerns about Spring Break with the City Council during a public workshop.

Everyone has a different opinion, or perhaps it’s better said that many people share similar takes of the same opinion. It was truly a pleasure to hear my fellow residents, as well as members of the Council, share their thoughts on this particular part of the tourist season. And it’s nice to see local officials fostering continuing dialogues about how to keep improving South Padre Island for the tourists we serve.

We all know how important Spring Break is to our local community, but, our community and the needs of our tourists, like most things, are ever evolving. It will be interesting to watch how this place continues to adapt, as South Padre Island always has, to the ebbs and flows of the tourism tides.

As of right now, it appears that this season is shaping up to be a good one. Hotel rooms are booked, shows are lined up and preparations are in their final stages. Spring Break will get a soft start this coming week before the big show, Texas Week, begins on Saturday, March 11.

For many of us, this is old hat. It’s not our first rodeo, so to speak. Nonetheless, remember to use extra caution while out on the roads, as we’ll have a lot more pedestrians this month. It’s going to be a busy time for everyone, so my wish for you all is to have a safe, happy and prosperous Spring Break.

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