Clayton’s pier one step closer

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South Padre Island Shoreline Management Director Brandon Hill led a discussion with the Shoreline Task Force during their Monday, May 22 meeting regarding a requested beach and dune permit for the proposed Clayton’s Beach Pier at 6800 Padre Blvd. During his presentation regarding the request, Hill focused on four areas of discussion. These included the topics of long shore current, erosion vs. accretion, jetties vs. piers, and shark attacks as they relate to fishing piers.

Hill defined long shore current as the direction sand generally moves in a given area. It’s an accumulation of wind and wave driven currents that wash up onto the beach and drag sand back down explained Hill. Regarding erosion vs. accretion, Hill stated that there was a lot of discussion regarding fishing piers and the potential impact they may have on the shoreline. He displayed two photos of Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi — one from 1993 as well as a current photo. Hill demonstrated a comparison of the photos showed no indication of change to the shoreline as a result of the pier.

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