Letter to the Editor for June 1, 2017

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor:

It is the height of irony that Rasmussen would bring up ignorance in response to my letter that was critical of Ms. Chamberlin and him. Maybe it is not too ironic, since ALL Trump supporters are ignorant to a great degree.  My wife did not sign any of the letters in this series, but she agrees with my views on all the issues in question. It is far better to be a democratic socialist than a neofascist, which describes Rasmussen perfectly. Privatizing public space is dear to the hearts of reactionaries.

Rasmussen chose to respond to nothing but the issue of the Laguna Vista Recreation Association (LVRA) operation of the marina, even though most of my letter concerned his defense of Trump. I am not too surprised, since Trump is indefensible and has become even more so in the last two weeks.

Rasmussen’s attempt to write about the LVRA is where his ignorance really is exposed.  Like Ms. Chamberlin, he did not attend the workshop on the marina or the candidates’ forum where the issue was extensively discussed at each event. Had Rasmussen attended either of the public forums, he would have learned that the little proposed City Park will occupy no more than one firth of the area that the marina currently occupies. The LVRA will still have their rip-off lease and continue to operate.  There are no plans for any boat launches in our proposed little park.  The LVRA only wants to serve those who own boats.  I asked in both forms if they would build a fishing pier and they have no plans to do so.

I covered all these issues in my first response to Ms. Chamberlin and Rasmussen. Not only is Rasmussen ignorant, which is to be expected from someone who does not attend meetings where issues are discussed, evidently he has trouble comprehending what he reads. He is fast getting into a position where it is not worthwhile to respond to him, but I will keep doing so as long as he feels that he is qualified to make his views public, even though he has passed that point.

Laguna Vista is the only community in our area that does not have access to the Laguna Madre.  We need to correct this situation by doing whatever we have to do so that all residents can enjoy waterfront access.  Joining a private group that charges membership fees and owning a boat should not be a prerequisite for waterfront access.  The LVRA told me that you do not have to own a boat to join, but there is no logical reason to join if you do not own a shallow water boat, but why would a person want to?

Rasmussen’s trying to argue with me is like bringing a knife to a gunfight, as the old Ozark saying goes.

Walter Birdwell
Laguna Vista

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