The Most Haunted Places in the RGV: The Legend of Daisy Starck

By Joanna “Luna” Sanchez

Special to the PRESS

The grave of Daisy Starck in the Brownsville Cemetery. Brownsville, Texas. Photo by Frank “Snoop” Rodriguez.

Welcome back to The Most Haunted Places in the RGV. 

Last week, we took you on our investigation in San Juan, Texas. This week, we’re headed back to Brownsville, Texas, to investigate the legend of Daisy Starck. 

Starck was born December 1, 1874, and died July 13, 1879. She was the daughter of Charles W. Starck, that was well known, along with his son, Fred, and son-in-law Frank Rabb, for being early developers of lasting irrigation techniques. 

The legend of Daisy Starck is said to be the most tragic story in the history of Brownsville, Texas. In 1879, Starck died after being trampled by a carriage of horses during a parade, after trying to grab a ball that went into the road. She was the first pedestrian on record to be run over by a horse carriage.  After her death, people became more precautious about crossing the street and watching out for children. My husband, Frank Rodriguez, photographer for the PRESS, and I decided to go for a walk in Brownsville and suddenly ended up on 5th and Jefferson, at the Old Brownsville Cemetery. 

I turned to my husband and said, “Someone wants us here at the cemetery.” He just looked at me and smiled. We had a wonderful experience looking and reading some the crypts at the Brownsville Cemetery. Many important people were buried there. When we came across one of the crypts, my husband said that he felt a tug on his chest, as if some kind of paranormal energy was pulling him toward a tombstone. When we moved closer to the tombstone, we saw a lot of toys in front of the tomb, so we got closer: it turned out to be Daisy Starck’s grave.

He quickly took out his camera and started taking pictures of her grave, and the plaque describing daisy Starck’s history. We enjoyed a moment reading her story and all of her family’s grave stones as well.  After we did our investigation and history of Daisy, we left her a small present and went on our way. Later on that day, we ran into Esther, the housekeeper for the Stillman House, where we’ve investigated previously. We had a chance to speak with her, and learned she also takes care of the Brownsville Cemetery. She stated that a former security guard from the cemetery had encountered Daisy one night when he was watching over the graves.

The security guard told Esther that he saw a little girl standing next to his vehicle, telling him, “Be careful they’re coming.” He asked the little girl, “Who was coming?” She laughed and disappeared. 

So what really happened to us when we ended up at the old Brownsville Cemetery? Did we encounter Daisy Starck? Was she the one who lead us to her grave? Tell us what you think. Do you have a similar story? If so, contact us or 

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