Clinic receives COVID-19 vaccines for health care workers

By Gaige Davila 

COVID-19 vaccinations have arrived in Port Isabel, reserved for health care workers, according to Port Isabel Health Clinic.

The vaccine, from biotechnology company Moderna, is one of two COVID-19 vaccines available. Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine requires freezing and or refrigeration before use. 

Moderna’s vaccine is injected into the upper arm muscle. The vaccine instructs our cells to create the “spike proteins” found in the COVID-19 virus. The cells display the spike proteins on their surface, prompting the immune system to build an immune response and make antibodies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Port Isabel Police Department (PIPD) officers have received the COVID-19 vaccine since their arrival at Port Isabel Health Clinic, according to PIPD’s Facebook page.. 

Health care workers interested in taking the vaccine can call Port Isabel Health Clinic, located at 202 Second St. in Port Isabel, at (956) 943-1774 to set an appointment. 

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