Sea Turtle Inc. rescues over 200 sea turtles during cold snap

Sea Turtles transported to sea turtle facility after being found floating on the Laguna Madre Bay due to cold temperatures. Photo courtesy of Sea Turtle Inc.

More turtles expected to be rescued

By Gaige Davila

Over 200 cold-stunned sea turtles have been rescued from the frigid Laguna Madre after temperatures plummeted to freezing levels in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Sea turtles become “cold-stunned” when their internal body temperatures drop, making them unable to swim. In this state, sea turtles are likely to drown, unable to lift their heads above water for air. 

Rehabilitation for cold-stunned sea turtles can take weeks to months, through slow elevation of their internal body temperatures, according to Sea Turtle Inc. 

According to a press release, Sea Turtle Inc. has rescued and rehabilitated over 1,800 cold-stunned sea turtles in the last ten years, including 20 Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles who were cold-stunned off the coast of Boston this past December. 

Sea Turtle Inc. is asking the public for generators and donations, as more cold-stunned sea turtles are likely to arrive. Contact Sea Turtle Inc. at (956) 243-4361 to assist. 

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