‘Water people’ eat up Nathan Hubble’s unique groove


Nathan Hubble was born in Houston Texas and grew up in Arlington. “I was a normal middle income kid doing normal middle income kid stuff,” Hubble described his childhood.

His parents, Gay and Ted Hubble, were loving to him and his younger sister, and supported Hubble throughout all of his hobbies and ventures. Even the ones he wasn’t so good at, according to Hubble.

“My dad told me when I was a little kid, that I could do whatever I wanted” he recalled appreciatively, “If I started working at it, I could be whatever I wanted, and I believed him.”

A variety of music has surrounded Hubble his entire life. He grew up in church, and was exposed to gospel at a young age. In his mother’s car, he jammed to artists like The Judds, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Waylon, Willie & The Boys, whereas in his father’s car, they cruised to The Beatles, and Led Zepplin.

Later in life, he discovered his favorite genre, 70s soul, and that changed his life.

“I was just always around music because of my parents. I figured out I was good at it early in life,” said Hubble. He was a natural, auditory learner. “I found a piano, and somebody would be like “Oh, what’s that one song?” and I would start figuring out the melody of it, and just hammering it out, and they’d be like “How did you do that?” and I didn’t play the piano, so I didn’t really know,” Hubble recounted.

The song in question was “La Isla Bonita” and it was the first song he ever played on the piano, while he was only in the third grade.

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