Pit bull shows nurturing side


Madonna the pit bull is shown nursing orphan pups. (Photo by Chrissy Dijkman)

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Do you recall Petey, the dog (with the black eye patch) from “The Little Rascals?” Can you remember what type of dog he was?

He was a pit bull, and today many would be shocked to find the pit-bull the most likely to be placed on an animal shelter ‘kill-list’ due to their perceived vicious nature. According to Beth Fedigan, President of the Laguna Madre Humane Society (LMHS), “all we are trying to do is bring awareness to the plight these dogs are having because they have been listed as killers, and they are not. They are wonderful dogs.”

Although the nature of pit bull dogs is highly misunderstood, evidence of great nature continues to prevail as with Madonna, the mother pit bull of 11 pups (four orphans/seven of her own). She was brought into the Isabel Y. Garcia Animal Shelter after she was found in the parking lot of Walmart. Madonna was pregnant and about to give birth, so the animal shelter contacted the LMHS and notified them of the dangers presented to puppies with compromised immune systems.

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