Writer’s Block: I am an iPhoneographer

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote in celebration of the arrival of spring. I was happy to see the end of the rains and the beginnings of balmy days filled with sunshine and the sweet scent of citrus wafting through the air. I mentioned how I wanted to make a day trip to photograph wildflowers during what’s supposed to be an epic wildflower bloom.

But, well, it hasn’t happened yet. It’s rained some more, and, after calling friends throughout the state, I’ve learned the bluebonnet bloom is only just beginning. So, instead I’ve tried to quell the urge to put some miles on my odometer and cycles on my camera by going through photos I already have when I finally sat down to clear some space on my phone.

See, if you’re anything like me and you have a smartphone, you probably use its built-in camera more than your “real” camera. I admit, even with the quality DSLR and film SLR cameras I own, I’m an avid “iPhoneographer.” My phone isn’t filled with game apps, or lifestyle apps, or (probably unfortunately) productivity apps. My phone is filled with more camera and photo editing apps than most people even realize are available in the App Store.

My family and friends have grown accustomed to seeing me standing on my tiptoes, or kneeling down with my face scrunched up in concentration as I work to get that “perfect” shot. I really should apologize for all the conversations we’ve shared where my eyes are not on them, but on my phone, with my finger hovering over the virtual shutter release button trying to capture them in a candid moment. But the same drive that fuels me professionally to ask questions — to learn about people and their stories — for the paper, also fuels my own personal curiosity. So, if you see me on the side of a country road tapping on my phone, don’t mind me, I’m just taking photos.

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