Letters to the Editor for 5-14-2015

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To the editor,

I receive your paper every Monday. Maybe a little late, but I always read all of the articles. This past week’s paper has been really interesting with all the politics and ads for the elections. I really don’t know much from the politics but I know they always try to put things on their opponents.

I’m a Port Isabel citizen. All my family has lived there for years. Now most of my cousins and my brothers have kids that are attending school there. My kids are, too. So like any other citizen I’m looking into this scandal real closely.

I’m not at the city for personal reasons, but I know all these commissioners, and the one running for Place 4. It’s funny how Mr. Memo is taking credit for all the projects that have been done in Port Isabel when I think it’s all the commissioners who should be getting credited for the beautiful things done in Port Isabel, not only one.

Let me tell you two different stories I experienced with Mr. Cantu and Mr. Memo. With Mr. Cantu, I’ve known him for some time for his wrecker service. In 2011, I helped him on a job getting some Jeep out of the sand at Beach Access 6. I offered my help, he accepted. After we got the Jeep out he gave me $100 for my help. I sure accepted the $100. But he didn’t have to pay me because I just wanted to help because I like those kinds of jobs.

And with Mr. Memo, this was a few years back, maybe 5-6. He owns a tire shop, the only tire shop in Port Isabel. I needed a tire. My tire got flat and there was no fix. So I went to him. I only had like $17. He was selling a used tire for $20. I told him that’s all I had and he didn’t sell me a tire over some dollars. So I look at these ads of him saying he cares about the citizens. If he cared he should help them, not be worried to lose $3 over a used tire he easily got for $5.

So you tell me, who do you see is doing wrong?

Don’t only try to win people by ads, do it by actions showing the citizens you care for them.

Let’s not go far. We can talk about the Event Center. It’s for the citizens of Port Isabel but I know many citizens go to the Fire Hall or other centers because the Event Center is real expensive and has so many regulations. They say they wasted so much money, for what? It’s just sitting there, not getting any money in. They know Port Isabel citizens don’t have a lot of money. So why be so expensive and picky about this Event Center that was done by the tax payers’ money and that is not being used much for the crazy prices they charge?

Show the people how it needs to be done, not just have that position and waste our tax money we pay. I think being a commissioner it’s not a job, it’s a privilege. So only those people who qualify should be able to occupy those seats. Those are just my points of view as a citizen of Port Isabel reading the PRESS and knowing these people and what the citizens see as well.

I think it’s about time to start letting a new generation to come in and fill in the spots of not only commissioners’ seats but other city seats that haven’t been changed for decades. A lot has changed these past years with a lot of technology and more that it would be nice to see a lot more changes in town. And it can be done with younger people coming in to fill those seats.

Victor Rodriguez

Port Isabel


Dear Editor,
It’s been a while since I’ve read anything in the Press that made me want to
respond. But your May 7th -13th’s edition proved response worthy. Glenda
Stafford’s reminder to all of the importance of, education, ethics, and morals
in the election and service of elected officials was truly inspiring. On the
other hand the letter from Ms. Georgina Duarte was a little confusing. I
remember seeing her interviewed about her terrifying ordeal with unleashed dogs
in Laguna Vista on the nightly news, but I thought it strange that she did said
interview in the street with her dog wandering about her unleashed! Isn’t that a
little like the kettle calling the pot black?

I myself almost ran over a small dog at the top of Mesquite street just last
week. It darted from its home driveway, (yes its mama was in the driveway)
right across the road in front of me. I had to hit the brakes, wait for it while
it took its sweet time making up its mind as to what it wanted to do, and
where it wanted to go. I’m sure if I did run over and kill it I’d have been the
uncaring monster who killed a poor defenseless and much-loved animal. NO, its
loving owners would have been totally responsible for its death, and for any
damage done to my car. But unleashed dogs aren’t the only problem here. There is
also a real smart-alecky ginger cat who seems to think he/she is king/queen of the
whole of Laguna Vista. Big Ginger, as we have come to call him/her has ripped to
shreds at least two owls and countless other birds in our yard alone. Being one
who loves birds this causes me such vexation. Grrrr! So if you own Ginger (yes
Ginger has a collar) do us all a favor and get a leash on him/her!

E. Etheridge
Laguna Vista

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