Letters to the Editor for 2-16-2017

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

I had occasion to go to some of the major retailers in Port Isabel to try and turn in used batteries. Small batteries such as one might use in a flashlight. I was unable to find any retailer who would take them. In the course of my travels I would ask the store personnel what they did with their batteries. All of them told me they would simply throw their used batteries in the trash. Batteries contain mercury which is highly toxic. Throwing batteries in the trash will contaminate landfills and the mercury will leach into groundwater. I would urge the City of Port Isabel to arrange for a way that residents and visitors can safely dispose of their used batteries. As part of this process an informational campaign to educate Port Isabel residents about the dangers associated with the improper disposal of used batteries would be critical. Schools would be a good place to start since the children will tell their parents.

Spencer McNeil
Grandville, Michigan

Dear Editor,
This letter is an open letter to Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Port Isabel. Last week they opened their doors and invited everyone far and wide to come enjoy free concerts by the world famous Singing Monk, John Michael Talbot. I was blessed to witness people from all denominations and those with no denomination come together in fellowship, love, joy, and worship in these concerts. Especially in these times of fear and division this gift was a refreshing and a blessing for all who attended. Thank You to the Pastor, lay ministers, and members of this beautiful church who worked so hard and gave so freely to make this concert happen. It was a truly wonderful and holy experience.

Elizabeth Etheridge
Laguna Vista

Dear Editor,

Coming home from Harlingen at 11:15, I counted 37 one-use plastic bags clinging to fences and shrubs on south side of Highway 100 between Laguna Vista and Laguna Heights!

I counted 49 one-use plastic bags between Laguna Heights and Port Isabel intersection with Highway 48… Would be a nice thing if we could get clubs and youth organizations and local merchants to adopt a stretch of Highway 100 or 48.

And get a plastic bag ban in place in the city of Port Isabel.

​Victoria A. Scharen
Port Isabel

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