Rio History: Moments in Time October 17-October 24

By Steve Hathcock

Notorious Green Brothers Killed

October 17, 1896:  The Daily Herald Brownsville, Tex. “The notorious Green gang of desperados were given a “hard” blow today by United States Marshal Samuel Rutherford and his men today. Bill and Edward Green were killed Luther Green, the youngest brother was shot and captured and Alton Baker was also taken into custody. Having learned of a plot to rob the post office and railway station at Oolagh (OK) and hold up the train there early this morning, the officers intercepted the outlaws at a crossing on the Verdigris River late last night. 

The Pastime Theatre Announces Viewing of War Pictures

October 18, 1916: The Oklasodak (Brigade Newspaper) San Benito, Texas. The Pastime Theatre definitely announces the dates for the French and German war pictures. The “Fighting for France” film will be shown Friday, October 27 and “The fighting Germans,” will be shown a week later on Friday November 3rd. These pictures were taken on the battle fields of Europe and besides being of historical interest will show many of the tactics of the military programs of those countries. Every officer and enlisted man of Bullards Brigade (Consisting of National Guardsmen from Oklahoma, Louisiana and South Dakota) should see these pictures. 

Ike to Dedicate Falcon Dam

October 18, 1953: WBAP-TV station in Fort Worth, Texas. President Eisenhower arrives at Harlingen Air Force Base where he is met by a reception committee which includes Governor Shriver, Jack Porter, Senator Price Daniel and congressman Lloyd Bentsen among others. Riding with Porter the president begins his 48 mile trip to Sharyland, the palatial estate of Governor Shrivers, located near Mission. More than 200,000 persons caught a glimpse of the chief executive along the route. 

At Sharyland the governor greets newsmen but tells them the president is going to take a rest. Special security precautions have been taken for Mr. Eisenhower’s appearance atr Falcon Dam tomorrow.

Heavy Gold Ring Found on Finger of Corpse

October 20, 1840: San Luis Advocate (San Luis, Texas)

A gentleman in Mississippi wrote to a friend; “In my last visit through Texas, I came into possession of a massive gold ring, found upon the finger of a corpse by the wayside between Goliad and Gonzales just after the slaughter at San Antonio. Upon the outside of the ring in large embossed old English black letters are the words “In memory of,” and inside in running hand characters, “The Rev. Edward Williams, Obt., 6th March, 1832.”

The object of the present possessor of the ring in giving this information is to obtain a knowledge of the family connections of the surviving friends to receive this momento of former friendship, and it would afford me great pleasure to be instrumental in restoring it.”

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