Townhouses inbound: Planning and Zoning commision approves Sandbar Estates plats

By Pamela Cody
Special to the PRESS


     The South Padre Island Planning and Zoning Commission held a special meeting Thursday, January 30, to elect new officials and approve requests for final plats and replats of two different lot areas on the Island. 

     Previously, Patrick McNulty served as chair of the Planning and Zoning Board, relinquishing the position when he was elected as SPI mayor last year. At that time, Gary Olle was named chair in the interim, with no vice-chair put in place due to an agenda oversight. 

     On Thursday, Olle was nominated by his fellow commission members to retain his position as chair, with commission member Gordon “Bob” Garlock accepting the nomination as vice-chair.

     Discussion then moved to the approval of the final plat of lots 1 through 16, block 1, known as the Sandbar Estates.      

South Padre Island Planning Director Aaron Hanley addressed the Planning and Zoning Commission, saying “This one came before you several times in the past. This is Sandbar Estates, to the north in the ETJ (extra territorial jurisdiction) which I’m sure everybody’s pretty familiar with.”

     Hanley continued, explaining “The preliminary plat was approved November 17, 2016. Then they had several extensions but essentially, they were not allowed any more extensions and the preliminary approval expired, which is why they’re coming before you again. Nothing’s changed, the Public Works director has done the final approval, it meets all the city’s codes and ordinances, so staff recommends approval.”

     Chair Olle commented, saying “I know they’ve got public utilities and water and sewage. And apparently, electricity goes through the area, so they’re ready to go, basically.”

     Hanley confirmed this statement, adding “The County does have to approve this again, so this will be going to the County next for approval. It’s different from a regular plat that’s within our city limits that’s just getting recorded for the clerk. This actually has to go in front of the Commissioner’s Court for approval.”

     The only other item of business on the agenda was discussion and action regarding the proposed replat of Lot 4, Block 162, Padre Beach Subdivision, section XI, to create two lots, lots 4A and 4B.

     Olle questioned Hanley, asking “There will be townhouses built on those lots, right?” with Hanley confirming, saying “Correct, it’s in neighborhood transition, and townhome is a permitted use of the lot. And this is a final plat, because there’s no required improvements to infrastructure. The sidewalk’s already in place, so it’s ready to go.” 

     With no objections voiced, the Commission approved the proposed replat. The lots in question are located on Verna Jean Street east of Padre Blvd.

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