SPI suspends beach permits until April

Staff report

Next year’s Spring Break will undoubtedly be different than years past. 

The City of South Padre Island has suspended all beach permits until April 15, preparing for Island businesses and entertainment venues planning for Spring Break 2021.

Before a concert or other event can happen during spring break on South Padre Island’s beaches, the event must receive a permit from the city.

South Padre Island Mayor Patrick McNulty said the city’s suspension of the permits was largely due to universities cancelling their spring break periods. 

“We don’t have a vaccine in place,” McNulty said. “Most of the universities have cancelled their Spring Break and it just kind of lets everybody know that they don’t need to be planning for something like that because I don’t see how we can do it safely at this time with the requirements that are there by the CDC, state health, governor’s actions and all of that stuff.”

For example, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech students have just one day off during their spring break. Baylor University has cancelled their spring break entirely. The University of Texas at Austin, however, will have a spring break period. 

During spring break this year, on March 16, the City of South Padre Island rescinded all special event permits, effectively banning all concerts and events from taking place. 

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