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As mayor of Port Isabel, JJ Zamora is proud of the progress the city has made in the last six years, and that is one reason why Zamora is seeking re-election as mayor, he said.

According to Zamora, it is definitely a pride that the community can all share. He says he would like to re-commit and re-engage himself to the citizens and underscore some of the accomplishments in his role.

With the help of the Commission, he has diligently worked in maintaining and strengthening Port Isabel’s infrastructure, growing and improving upon the city’s financial standing, and supporting and upholding the local environmental health, according to Zamora. Together they reduced the budget deficit, lowered the employee count and raised wages for the city’s lowest-paid workers says Zamora.

He added that they lowered the net debt, passed a bond to re-do Island Avenue, increased police patrols and drove down crime, annexed half of Laguna Heights, designated a 280 lot plot affordable housing subdivision, and he will soon finalize the Arturo Galvan Park.

“Our city is on the right path, and I am happy to report that I continue to dutifully commit to this role. I have spent my life serving the citizens of Port Isabel, as a police officer, police chief, as city commissioner, and now, as your mayor. If you give me the great privilege of continuing to serve you, I solemnly pledge to give you cause to be proud,” stated Zamora.

Zamora has been a life-long Port Isabel resident, leaving only during his military service during the Vietnam War. He honorably served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1970. Upon returning home, and while he was married and working as a police officer, he attended college, and obtained his Liberal Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and U.S, Government. Later, he applied to join the Cameron County Sheriff Department, and quickly jumped in rank to Sergeant.

He became an investigative officer for the department before coming back to Port Isabel as Chief of Police. He became a businessman at the age of 34 when he and his wife built their laundromat. At the age of 36, using his experience, he obtained a TX Private Investigator and Security License.

He kept his license for 12 years and at peak times had up to 130 guards working during Spring Break from 1981 to 1993. During this period, he had the only Marine Security for water vessels, most of which were for securing shrimp boats. In 1983, Zamora built and established a rental property, Dockside Apartments.

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