County parks plan applauded by citizens

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On June 30, the Cameron County Parks and Recreation Department held a public meeting at Berjerano-Mcfarland Park in Laguna Heights.

The park itself was originally constructed in 2007 and has been in use since then. Featuring a basketball court, public restrooms, a picnic area, and a walking trail it is a delightful gem hidden in Laguna Heights.
The county recognizes how great the park has been for the community and is seeking to petition for a grant to assist them in enhancing what is the first park built by the county in 20 years.

The meeting was led by Cameron County Parks Director Joe Vega, Commissioner David Garza of District 3, and Port Isabel’s Grant Writer Patty Alexander. After the trio laid out the county’s current plan and idea for the park they opened the forum up to the citizens who attended.

Ideas submitted by the citizens included a sand volleyball court, and a butterfly area. They also suggested a gazebo in the park near the water, as Berjerano-Mcfarland park is only one of two public parks in the Laguna Bay area to have access to the water. Other citizens stated the park needed more water fountains to assist with cooling off, something the county’s proposed splash pad water area would also address.

Another suggestion was to add cameras to help protect the large investment that would be made in the park. To this end the county is already planning to add more lights to help decrease dark spots at night and once the improvements to the pier are completed adding lighting to it as well. To help assist with the costs of powering this and to possibly help with the grant one citizen provided the idea of solar panels on the roofs of the buildings in the park and attempting to make it into the first off grid park in the region.

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