Two-a-days start Monday

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Practice for the 2016 high school football season is set to get underway this coming Monday, Aug. 1.  The Press has been checking the weight room at Port Isabel High School and a number of Tarpon Varsity player candidates have paused in their workouts to share their thoughts about the upcoming season.

Almost to a man these prospective varsity candidates understand and appreciate the importance of the various kinds of hard work they’ve been putting in in advance of the actual start of practice.  Defensive coordinator for the team, Victor Rubalcaba, outlined some of what weight room workouts are all about.

“With position-specific training it goes into a lot of different things,” Rubalcaba said last week.  “I do a generalized one to target everything for everybody, no matter what position you play, in one workout.  It makes it easier for the kids – I don’t want to create any confusion.  It’s the KISS method – keep it simple and just go!  You just want to get your kids stronger and faster.”

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