Official: Island beaches appear wider

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Reports on shoreline nourishment efforts and beach access maintenance highlighted the Monday, Aug. 13 meeting of the South Padre Island Shoreline Taskforce.

Shoreline Management Director Brandon Hill reported on the recently concluded nearshore berm nourishment project and a follow-up study that is under way to track the migration of the sand.

During the nourishment phase, 408,000 cubic yards of sand was collected from the Brownsville Ship Channel and redeposited into two designated areas just offshore of the Island. The plan is for wave action and currents to bring the sand naturally onto the shore, as opposed to building temporary pipelines to spread the sand directly on the beach as has been done in past nourishment projects.

“I cannot tell you for certain that we nourished and then a magical bulge appeared on the beach, but I can tell you that we are seeing a lot of accretion right now,” Hill said. “The beaches are much wider than they have been in quite some time and we’ve got quite nice conditions out there.”

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