Gulf Boulevard speed limit to be reduced

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Reducing the speed limit on Gulf Boulevard, consideration of a marketing agreement, and approval of the City budget highlighted the Wednesday, Sept. 5 meeting of the SPI City Council.

Council member Theresa Metty brought forward a proposed ordinance to lower the speed limit on Gulf Boulevard to 25 mph. Metty explained that her input on this issue comes from both personal observation as well as that of fellow citizens regarding safety concerns.  “We’ve made a tremendous investment to make wonderful improvements to Gulf Boulevard, including almost all of the parking for the beach is now west of Gulf Boulevard, and what I’ve witnessed, you know, we’ve got these great crosswalks and it would be nice if everybody used them but they don’t,” she reported.

Assistant City Manager Darla Jones explained that in order to set a limit under 30 miles per hour, Council would need to determine that 30 is an unreasonable and unsafe speed limit in that area. She added that reducing it to 20 miles per hour would require the completion of a traffic engineering study.

Kimberly Dollar spoke as a member of the public in support of the proposed ordinance. “I do hear about this a lot, and you’re right, most people say 20, and I just want to say Gulf Boulevard definitely, but I also hear about it on Laguna,” Dollar said.

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