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Nav. District affairs-Shown are PISBND Board members at their March 29 meeting, where they discussed potential marketing opportunities for the port. (Photo by Pamela Cody

At their regular meeting on March 28, members of the Port Isabel-San Benito Navigation District met to confirm a candidate to the board and discuss ways to attract new tenants to the port.

Robert A. Ostos, who was already serving as Commissioner Place 3, was unopposed in his run
to remain on the PISBND board. Ostos was re-confirmed for the next term by Chairman Victor Barrera, Port Director and General Manager Steve Bearden, and Secretary Manuel R. Garcia II, the latter attending the meeting via webcam.

According to their website, the PISBND houses more than 14 businesses that employ in excess of 500 people. With its location at the south most point of Texas, it is able to accommodate businesses in Mexico, Central and South America. However, the port is looking for ways to bring in bigger and more lucrative tenants, and a presentation offered at the meeting addressed that goal.

Salomon Torres presented a final draft of a USDA marketing study to the board, offering ideas to attract new kinds of tenants to the port, which had been discussed at previous meetings as well as at an open house. The revised and updated study also included a
brief history of the port.

Regarding the study, Torres said, “These are some of the things that have to happen, and not just in attracting a particular kind of tenant to the port. Unless you make some regional changes to where and how you’re located and access here, it’s going to be hard to bring in the kinds of long-term tenants that you want to bring.”

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